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Master Hairstylist for over 28 years, I pride myself on years of experience and knowledge.  I believe in the importance of a more personalised, relaxing experience with attention to detail and one on one service. 

Located in a small boutique salon, I can help you with your hair loss needs in comfort and privacy.  Offering Luxury Russian Virgin 100% Human Hair Extensions and Hair Toppers/Pieces to cater for all situations.

 Experienced in Keratin Bonds, Micro-Bead Weft, Invisible Tape and Tape-in extensions, combined with the highest training, skill and knowledge for the Ultimate Hair Extension experience. 

​​Insight Professional Natural Organic Derived Vegan Hair Colour and Haircare to provide natural long-lasting colour and shine.

Toowoomba's first Nanoplasty Straightening Smoothing Systems now available.

Plex Bond Lightener is used for all highlighting services, to maintain optimum hair health and integrity.

Now offering K18Peptide™ in salon treatment that permanently heals hair
in just 4 minutes.


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The mission of INSIGHT is eco-sustainability, both environmental and social.  Offering gentle yet effective green formulas, INSIGHT hair color is a formula rich in natural oils and available in 83 brilliant shades.


The 90% natural derived formula has been enriched with vegetable Phytokeratin, which has a nourishing action, respecting the hair fibre.


Enriched with the exclusive Hydra-Color blend, Organic baobab oil and Walnut extract for maximum hydration and delicacy. Organic Argan Oil and Grape Seed butter have antioxidant and protective properties, leaving the hair soft and nourished.


Exclusive coloring micro-pigments ensure stable and long-lasting results, total coverage of grey hairs.  Furthermore, its delicate fragrance allows for a pleasant application.

  • Vegetable Photokeratin

  • Organic Baobab Oil

  • Organic Argan oil

  • Grape Seed Butter

  • Walnut Extract

  • Natural Botanical Plant Based

  • 90% Natural Derived

  • Hydra-Colour Blend

  • Low Ammonia Formulation

  • 100% Grey Coverage

  • Longer Duration of Colour

  • Intense Deep Nuances

  • Allergen Free Fragrance 

  • Increased Shine and Tangle Free 

  • Vegan Friendly

  • No Animal Testing

  • Nickel Tested 0.5PPM

  • 100% Made in Italy

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Nanoplasty (Nanoplastia, Nanoplastica) is a superior hair straightening & restoring system designed to replace keratin straightening systems that contain toxic & harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde & its derivatives which are harmful to professionals & customers.  It is safe for all hair types, including special tonal systems for blonde and highlighted hair.

Floractive's Nanoplasty is a revolutionary technology that utilises Nanoparticles in tandem with Intracellular Nutrition to straighten hair without damage. Compared with conventional keratin systems, our Nanoparticles are approx 750x smaller, this allows the nutrients to penetrate deeper into the hair fibre and treat the hair.

The formula contains Essential Organic Acids + Hydrolysed Vegetable Keratin that includes our exclusive Ozone Protein, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Linseed Oil, Ascorbic Acid, Acetic Acid and Lactic Acid to increase the hydration that aids in reconstructing the fibre and promotes regrowth without damaging the hair. Its natural agents are organically sourced, making this product 100% Vegan!


Hair extensions Toowoomba  k18

Nanoplasty Nanoplastia Toowoomba


Hair extensions Toowoomba


My Installation    VS    Not My Work

There are many different qualities of hair extensions on the market and sadly, a lot of salons will use cheap product knowing the consumer is unaware.  The process for most extensions is to strip the cuticle from the hair and then apply a silicone layer over top so that they feel more like European hair. Unfortunately, this silicone wears off in a few washes and you are left with dry extensions that matt and tangle easily, break and shed.  Moral of the story... "buy twice"


I have been wearing and installing extensions myself for over 10 years, so I pride myself in knowing personally what is best for each individual.  Over the years, I've tried the majority of hair extension brands and after-care products available....  and believe me.... you definitely get what you pay for.  I choose NOT to use cheaper hair as I have seen personally the damage that it can cause to your own hair after removal.  Unfortunately, many salons will use it, while still charging high prices knowing the consumer is usually unaware of the differences. So please, when you start your research, take the time to ask these questions below-

It has taken me years sourcing and testing extensions from hair extension companies all over Australia, and I proud to be working with 2 of the best that tick all the boxes across every extension type.  Malibu Luxury hair and Flik hair extensions both supply the most luxurious, raw, 100% remy human hair extension available on today's market.  A level of quality that surpasses others with extensions that actually deliver on their promises.  All of their extensions are "Virgin Russian" hair, ethically sourced from Europe or Russia, and each bundle of hair is small, from a single ponytail donor and raw.  This means less processing, creating a healthy, silky-smooth extension that can last up to 24 months **   Malibu Luxury hair and Flik hair extensions are both 80% double drawn remy human hair which is cuticle correct aligned. This means the hair is thick from the root to the bottom and all running in the same direction, ensuring natural, thick extensions and longevity.  They will not matte, thin or knot like their cheaper counterparts.  With over 30 colours to choose from (including exclusive Ombre, Balayage and Piano blends), in lengths from 18" to 30" inches across all extension types.

  • What brand of hair extension do you use?

  • Where are your hair extensions sourced from?

  • Is it virgin hair, ethically sourced and single donor?

  • Are the extensions double drawn and remy/cuticle correct?

  • How long can I expect the extensions to last?

  • How long has the hairsylist been doing extensions for?

** with correct aftercare and 6-8 week maintenance appointments  followed properly.


What makes Remy, Single/Double Drawn, Raw, Indian, Asian, Russian and Virgin Russian hair extensions different from each other? And why does it matter? Well, it could be the difference between the swishy, glorious hair of your dreams and the tangled matted mess of nightmares.


You’ll see the word remy pop up a lot when looking at hair extensions. It’s nothing to do with where the hair comes from, it just means all the hairs are running in the same direction – from root to tip. If you see hair described as double drawn, remy, Virgin, Russian hair, you know exactly what you’re getting. But, by only describing hair as ‘remy’, the seller is being deliberately vague – they don’t want you to know what this hair is. Why is that? Either you wouldn’t buy it if you knew, or they couldn’t charge as much. Don’t get me wrong, you want remy hair... but look at it like this – all good hair is remy but not all remy hair is good.




The market is flooded with hair that is sourced and swept up from temple floors, drains, which then go through massive chemical processes to make them look and feel healthy. Raw hair is not sourced this way – it is from single donor's and not highly processed or sorted like most extension hair on the market so a much better choice.  Single drawn hair is washed and has the shortest hairs removed, or ‘drawn’ from the ponytail – it makes it easier to work with. Double drawn is a labour-intensive process where all the washed hair is drawn by the tips and trimmed to remove split or dead ends.  The hair is then drawn for a second time to sort it into 2″ lengths. Eg- Bundles of 18” will only contain 16”-18” hair, 22″ will only contain 22″-20″ nothing shorter. What does this do? All this work makes double drawn hair fuller, stronger and more luxurious. It’ll last longer than single drawn hair and look better too.




Asian hair is the cheapest and most available extension type on the market. As the texture is coarse, it has most of the cuticle removed in an acid bath. Why is that? To make it finer, like Caucasian hair. It is then treated with silicone to make it soft and shiny but this only last for a few washes and you will find Asian extension hair becomes dry and tangled within weeks of wear.  Indian hair is Caucasian, so it is usually finer than the most commonly used Asian hair. Because of this, it doesn’t need to be processed as aggressively as Asian hair It is naturally available straight/wavy/curly, in shades of black and dark brown. Because of the tonsuring practice which takes place in Hindu temples, there is a huge quantity of Indian hair available. Problem is, most Indian hair is exported to China, where it is mixed with cheaper Asian hair, and damaged by aggressive processing. It is a lower quality of hair, commonly sold by many large companies as it's easy to source.  If it’s been manufactured properly, it won’t tangle but it will dry out, look dull and be prone to split ends. So, don’t expect it to look ‘reasonable’ for any longer than 6 months.




In the last few years, the market has been flooded with cheap "Russian" hair. The problem is, it’s not true Russian, it’s actually Asian. Until recently, extensions could be labelled as "Russian" which was just terminology for if it had cuticles intact, but it never was regulated to how many. The Chinese factories caught on and decided that if they left most of the cuticle on the hair, and processed it more gently, it could pass as "Russian". Why would they do this? It all comes down to money. They’re getting a great price for inferior hair, as are the salons and shops that sell it on to inexperienced and unsuspecting customers. So "Russian" hair isn't always true Russian.




Virgin Russian hair comes from a single donor. It is NOT highly chemically processed like the others, which means it is full cuticle, strong and healthy.  It’s the diamond standard of hair. Collected from the Western regions of Europe (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), this hair is perfect as it has the same characteristics as western hair but tends to be stronger. It’s available in colours from light blonde to dark brown, and although it is usually straight, wavy textures aren’t uncommon. After all, virgin hair is a natural product, so each ponytail is unique.  If budget isn’t your priority, you won’t find better.  Virgin Russian hair can last for up to 1-2 years or sometimes longer.  It's soft, strong and the best hair in the world.  

k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian
k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian


Clinically proven to repair hair in just 4 minutes,  K18Peptide™ renews hair from the inside to heal damage by repairing broken polypeptide chains (keratin chains) responsible hair's strength and elasticity.  Travelling into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core, K18Peptide™ reconnects broken chains and any disturbed disulfide bonds are re-conformed permanently.


Any chemical process that involves an alkaline environment, breaks the keratin chains that keep hair together and strong.  K18Peptide™ is the first product in history to reconnect the broken keratin chains.

K18Peptide™ is unlike traditional re-bonding products which only patch damage and repair broken bonds in the cortex.  These act like hard glue, but wash out with water. A temporary fix, but will wear down in time.

k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian
k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian
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