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Master Hairstylist for over 27 years, I pride myself on years of experience and knowledge.  I believe in the importance of a more personalised, relaxing experience with attention to detail and one on one service. 

​​Jeval Cruelty Free Vegan Hair Colour and Haircare to provide natural long-lasting colour and shine.

Plex Bond Lightener is used for all highlighting services, to maintain optimum hair health and integrity.

Now offering K18Peptide™ in salon treatment that permanently heals hair in just 4 minutes.

Experienced in Micro-Bead Weft, Keratin Bonds, Invisible Tape and Tape-in extensions, combined with the highest training, skill and knowledge for the Ultimate Hair Extension experience.


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k18_hair_by_jillian, weft extensions, tape extensions, toowoomba extensionskeratin bonds

Keratin bonds, Keratin extensions toowoomba


Vegan Natural Hair Colour Products
Vegan colour Hairdresser

Jeval is a natural botanical plant based colour system made in Milan Italy designed to be kind and gentle to the hair and scalp during the colouring process. Jeval contains more than 6 nourishing vegetable liposomes, as well as Vitamin D-Panthenol B5, to re-balance, preserve and protect the hair fibre, whilst creating incredible shine and condition.  It's smaller molecular weight colour pigments  penetrate deeper into the cortex of the hair, minimising colour fade, making it perfect for our Australian climate.

Jeval  home care retail range are vegan friendly and enriched with Moroccan Argan oil & Amla Seed oil and formulated without any harmful sulphates or parabens.

  • Burdock Liposome

  • Echinacea Liposome

  • Ginseng Liposome

  • Hypericum Liposome

  • Marine Oak Liposome

  • Lime Liposome

  • Natural Botanical Plant Based

  • 1% Low Ammonia Formulation 

  • Gentle MEA formulation

  • Harmful PPD free 

  • Protective Vitamin D-Panthenol

  • Nourishing Vegetable Liposomes, Essential oils and Beeswax

  • 100% Grey Coverage

  • Increased Shine and Tangle Free 

  • Longer Duration of Colour

  • Vegan Friendly

  • No Animal Testing

cruelty free haircare


k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian
k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian

Clinically proven to repair hair in just 4 minutes,  K18Peptide™ renews hair from the inside to heal damage by repairing broken polypeptide chains (keratin chains) responsible hair's strength and elasticity.  Travelling into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core, K18Peptide™ reconnects broken chains and any disturbed disulfide bonds are re-conformed permanently.


Any chemical process that involves an alkaline environment, breaks the keratin chains that keep hair together and strong.  K18Peptide™ is the first product in history to reconnect the broken keratin chains.

K18Peptide™ is unlike traditional re-bonding products which only patch damage and repair broken bonds in the cortex.  These act like hard glue, but wash out with water. A temporary fix, but will wear down in time.

k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian
k18 hair treatment toowoomba hair by jillian


Hair extensions Toowoomba  k18


There are many different qualities of hair extensions on the market and sadly, a lot of salons will use cheap product knowing the consumer is unaware.  The process for most extensions is to strip the cuticle from the hair and then apply a silicone layer over top so that they feel more like European hair. Unfortunately, this silicone wears off in a few weeks and you are left with dry extensions that matt and tangle easily, break and shed.  Moral of the story... "buy twice"


I have been wearing extensions myself for over 6 years and I've tried many brands, and believe me.... you definitely get what you pay for.  If you demand quality and want extensions that can last up to 9-12 months... please contact me and read below.

Weft Hair Extensions, Tape Hair extensions, Invisible Hair Extensions

Hair extensions Toowoomba

Toowoombas Best Hair Extensions
Best Human Hair Extenions Toowoomba

Amazing Hair Extensions are Australia's Leading extension specialists. Recommended by the most highly regarded hairstylists in the industry and used by celebrities all over the world.


Featuring  2 levels of 100% Remy Human Hair,  both superior to anything else you will find in today's market.  Our quality hair blend is 70% European-30% Mongolian. They have a lifespan of up to 9-12 months with proper care.

  • PREMIUM COLLECTION -The original and most in-demand range, with extensive product lines and colour choice.  Approx lifespan 6-9months **

  • LUXURY COLLECTION - Superlative hair quality & design - for those who demand the very best. Approx lifespan 9-12 months **


Flik Hair Extensions are ethically sourced from the Ukraine and selected areas of Russia, which makes our hair one of the worlds highest quality, silky, soft & healthy 100% human Remy hair.  Flik Hair Extensions are double drawn which allows for more hair per piece and thickness right to the ends. Our advanced multi-tonal system we have applied to our Flik Hair Extensions helps the extensions to blend naturally with your own hair even if tone variations occur.

Flik Hair Extensions have gone through a lengthy process to ensure that the majority of hairs are all the same length making the extensions to be thick from top to ends. Note, however, a few hairs will be found to be shorter to keep the extensions looking natural.


The worlds highest standard hair extensions on the market. It blends perfectly with fine hair with its fine density and is smoother in appearance. 


Russian hair has a longer life span than others on the market. (up to 12 months**) 

** with correct aftercare and 6-8 week maintenance appointments  followed properly.

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Toowoomba's Best Hair extensions Weft Tape in Micro Bead

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