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Thank you so much to my wonderful clients for their kind words!

"I was looking for a hairdresser in Toowoomba who was able to do Weft Extensions as I was sick of the sticky tape extensions in Summer. Also at the same time my previous hairdresser had made my hair go noticeably yellow (I have blonde foils and am dark naturally) when I asked for colour in-between my foils to cover little grey's. Jillian was able to colour correct my hair and match it back to my natural colour... I was so happy with the colour result!! And I absolutely love my weft extensions! They are so easy to maintain and moving them up is quick and simple.  Jillian is so professional and friendly and Im so happy I found her!" - Tania Wallace


"I cant express just how impressed I am with my experience at Jillian's Salon.  Being able to achieve my emerald green hair was amazing!  Jillian is such a lovely, knowledgeable and caring person. It's welcoming to go there and I don't think I will ever go to another salon again! Hard to find a hairdresser I trust and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Highly recommend!" - Lana Baisden

"Jillian is quite simply a beautiful hairdresser. She is experienced, she is extremely reasonable, you never pay for anything you don't need and nothing is too much trouble for her. If you are looking for a new hair stylist, I truly recommend you give Jillian a call. You will not be disappointed!" - Debbie Tanzer


“Jillian is so patient and her attention to detail sets her apart from any other salon I have been to, Jillian is also an extremely talented colourist and her extension techniques are second to none, my hair is extremely prone to breakage and Jillian lifted my hair to the perfect blonde and applied my extensions so expertly I had no breakage at all and have none of the annoying discomfort that extensions can cause when first applied, an amazing experience all round. The extensions are magic, I absolutely love them and feel like a new woman! No tangles, no knots, really easy to brush out.  Everyone has complimented how perfectly you colour matched my hair, couldn’t be happier." -  Katie Carter

"Jillian has been doing my hair for over 5 years. If you want a hairdresser that not only truly listens to you, but does the most professional hair extensions and colours you have always wanted, please see Jillian. She has researched her products, and knows her stuff. Her vegan colour's give the most amazing shine and my hair has never been so healthy.  They don't fade like the last salon I went to and are consistent each visit.  Her client's, including myself are always put first and walk out of the salon with the exact hair you wanted.  Great hairdresser at last!!!" - Tess Bradicich


"A massive thank-you to "Hair by Jillian" for her talented hair extension work. Her attention to detail and expertise are second to none. A little cliche, but I feel like a 'completely new, confident woman' after my visit's.  Jillian is a very professional and extremely talented hairdresser and I found myself relaxed and at ease during my appointments" - Kristy-Lee Mcloughlin

"Absolutely love going to Jillian.  My hair is looking beautiful after using vegan colour's and products, which are brilliant.  Thank-you so much! It's always a great time spent there as Jillian will always show me how to style my hair etc. Totally recommend Jillian" -  Linda Jaszczyszyn


" I am so happy I have found Jillian. She provides excellent personalised service. I got hair extensions with her, exceptional quality. Jillian explains everything in detail. So highly recommended.  Absolutely love what you have done with my hair. It has been life changing for me" -  Toni Goodrich

"Jillian has been doing all kinds of wonderful things to my hair for the past 5 plus years. The most amazing for me has to be the permanent straightening. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy and is a constant morning battle to straighten, but by having it permanently straightened I now wake up with straight hair and it only takes me 5 mins to do. I wouldn't trust my hair to anyone else. Jillian is such a  beautiful person and I appreciate greatly her amazing expertise and experience." - Wendy Whitely

permanent straightening.jpg

"I've known Jillian for a few years now and she always does a fantastic job with my hair.  Recently I had dermatitis on my scalp and she recommended her natural vegan haircare products. They are so much more soothing on my hair and scalp and are beautiful products to use.  I love having my hair done by Jillian.  Absolutely beautiful customer service always." - Trudy M

"10 out of 10" Jillian is Amazing. Her knowledge and expertise is outstanding.  I now have hair and my confidence back thanks to this talented woman.  Can't recommend her highly enough!" - Hollye Baltus


"Amazing quality, great service and fantastic products! Jillian knows hair and always goes above and beyond for clients. I always leave feeling fresh and revitalised. I highly recommend her" - R.Edwards

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